How I saved $10,000 in 1 year

Tips discussed:

  1. Write it down! (Budget & goals)
  2. What type of savings account do you have? (Interest earned can help you to reach your goals.)
  3. Cut back and sacrifice. (Pick up a second job or skip that yearly vacation.)
  4. Be disciplined. (Do not touch your savings account.)
  5. Anything extra goes into savings. (Income taxes, stimulus check, birthday money, etc.)

Bonus tips:

  1. Do your research. (Savings account, how to budget, etc.)
  2. Challenges (Implement a money challenge or two to help you save.)

Dear Education, ft. DJ

It’s been four years since I walked across the stage and that feeling of accomplishment is ever present. I waited so long to do it and the moment it happened, the feeling wasn’t something that I could put into words.

This week’s podcast episode is dedicated to the 2020 graduates. Whether that be high school or college. You will remember this moment forever because this is the first of its kind, World Wide. Our country is experiencing a pandemic that has caused so much to shut down. So the tradition of walking across the stage to your name and accomplishments being heard over the loud speaker and your family and friends cheering you on, isn’t possible. I pray that one day there will be a way for us to acknowledge you all beyond the internet.

To listen to my thoughts on the importance of education, click here or visit the podcast tab.