Financial Worksheets Explained

Calculating Your Net Worth Worksheet: Knowing your net worth isn’t just for millionaires. It’s for soon to be millionaires like you. Yes, you! Calculating your net worth will help you to determine if you have more assets than liabilities or vice versa. The goal is to have more assets than liabilities. Assets are items you actually own while liabilities are what you owe. Debt free is the goal for most and for some, good debt is the goal. Debt free means you owe nothing to anyone. Good debt could be considered minimal credit card debt.

Monthly Budget Worksheet: This sheet is used monthly to organize your income and bills/expenses. This also will determine if you have money left over to save. You’ll find out if you have more bills than income and what you’ll be able to cut out.

30/31 Day Spending Tracker: For 30 days, you will jot down how much you spent or how much you received that day. At the end of the 30/31 days, you will add up each incoming entry and each outgoing entry. Write in the totals and subtract the outgoing funds from the incoming funds. Doing this will show if you are spending more than you receive and what you are spending too much on.

Once doing all or some of these worksheets, you should be able to determine if you are on the right track financially or if there are necessary changes to be made. Writing things down makes them more realistic. This also gives you a place of reference. You can come back to the worksheets and see how far you have come on your financial journey.

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Dear Giver,

Receiving is great but giving is better. It truly is better to give than to receive. This week’s episode stemmed from a great morning that I recently had. Listen to the podcast episode here!

Giving, covers many areas and during this giving season. I am sharing some things that can be helpful when giving.

  • Give God time! Spend time with God by talking to Him, praying or meditating. Also, give God time to answer your prayers. Don’t rush God by doing things yourself. Wait on the Lord.
  • Give yourself a chance and give yourself time! Give yourself a break. Don’t compare or rush your life. You are doing just fine. Stay in your lane and follow your own course.
  • Give time! Donate your time and energy to those who need it. You never know what your presence can do for someone.
  • Give back! Whether that be your time, talents or your treasure, give back to those that are coming behind you or even those who came before you and/or your community. Just give back!
  • Give cheerfully! When giving, do so with a cheerful spirit. Give genuinely. Don’t do anything because you are forced, do it because it feels good.
  • Give to get! Don’t give to get from the same person you gave to, give to get your blessings from God.
  • Give life to the words you speak! Speak with intentions. Speak positively to all you come in contact with. The tongue and words are powerful. Be careful with what comes out of your mouth.
  • Give only what you can! Don’t go broke or in a deficit just to give. Give only what’s in your capacity.

Happy holidays! Happy giving! I love you all!

Reblog: Originally posted 3/16/18 @10:30pm

To listen to the podcast episode for Dear Standards, click here!

The irony of standards

Definition of standard

  1. a level of quality or attainment.
  2. an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations.

    When it comes to dating, we all have standards, whether high or low. High standards to the point that they are almost unattainable and standards so low that they are almost non-existent. I had a conversation one day about standards with a member of the opposite sex and a question came to mind that hit me like a ton of bricks. What if you aren’t someone’s standard or you don’t meet their standards? 

   Now I know that we are not always someone’s cup of tea, but for me, I think very highly of myself. I’m God fearing, intelligent, humorous, mature, charismatic, a people’s person and beautiful inside and out, among so many other things. I consider myself a rare breed and top tier as it relates to what a man would want in a woman. So, the question, ‘what if you meet someone and as highly as you think of yourself, you are not their standard?” comes to mind. Like, what if they think that there is someone out there better than you? How Sway? Lol, but it really made me think. 

   Now, granted in relationships, we should find a mate that encourages and/or motivates us to be and do better but you never really think that of all of the qualities that you possess, they may not be up to par for someone. The irony!

Written on 12/25/17

Posted 3/16/18 @10:30pm